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Original & Mineral: Bursting with Australian active natural extracts and free from harsh chemicals, Original & Mineral shampoo, conditioner and hair masques are gentle on the scalp adding clean luxury to your morning routine. 

ILES Formula: Discover the ILES FORMULA difference that transforms dry, straw-like hair into strands of silk.

Created by acclaimed hair stylist Wendy Iles, the ILES FORMULA was developed in response to a need for super-charged, high performance hair care that could be used on all hair types and that had instant and visible results. From celebrity clients walking the red carpet to supermodels on global beauty campaigns, ILES FORMULA quickly gained a reputation among the fashion and beauty elite for its high quality formulations and effective results.

Carefully selected and blended ingredients are at the heart of each ILES FORMULA product. Wendy Iles spent a decade searching the globe for the very best ingredients and complexes that would have the most powerful, effective results on the hair.

HAIR CANDY: Hair Candy is made in New Zealand using all natural ingredients, no animal testing. 

The key ingredient is 100% natural keratin derived from New Zealand sheep wool. Your hair skin and nails already cobtains keratin to help keep it healthy and grow, the keratin use is as close to human keratin you can get. The way the keratin is extracted from the sheep wool, it is keep fully intact in its purest form, therefore you are getting the full benefits from the keratin protein in our product.

Maintain your long term hair health. Originally Made. Clean and Kind.